Big Brands Bring It When It Comes to Pre-Arrival Experiences (and So Can You)

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Virtual reality

One of the latest meeting and events trends is customizing the experience for each individual attendee—even if it’s a massive event.

Taking notes from top brands can help you create this audience-centric approach to pre-arrival experiences. Here are three ways that your favorite brands can provide inspiration on how to make your event more personable before it even begins.

Send Welcome Messages

Airbnb is one of several brands that send a welcome message to people who join the company’s site. That’s because subscribers who receive these kinds of welcome notes show 33 percent more long-term engagement with that brand, according to Boden, the British clothing retailer, even has a series of welcome emails that not only make customers feel “part of the club” but also highlight the benefits of the brand. Meeting planners can similarly send a personalized welcome message (or messages) to attendees to help the event gain momentum.

Actively Engage with Attendees

Make sure to engage with attendees on social media to create an inclusive atmosphere and to encourage excitement for your event. Denny’s restaurant chain, for instance, has an unexpected silly social media presence that engages with customers of all ages. Charmin, the toilet paper company, even came up with a #TweetFromTheSeat campaign to make an everyday product more entertaining. Even better, combine emails with social media by adding real-time social media feeds to your campaigns. This creates the relevancy of your emails by tying attendee experiences with the content your event provides.

Tap into the Senses Using VR

Sensory marketing is all the rage, with several brands using virtual reality to tap into the senses of their customers. IKEA, for instance, uses augmented reality to offer personalized digital content and product views to customers. Makeup brand Sephora even launched a digital Innovation Lab and has an augmented-reality app that offers virtual beauty makeovers. Similarly, meeting planners can use virtual reality to sell the destination or property where their event will be taking place.

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