Channel Your Inner Doctor Strange With These 5 Tips

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Doctor Strange; Photo Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to become a mystic sorcerer capable of delving into distant dimensions with a determined gaze and swirl of a hand, don’t bother reading this. We can’t help you.

But we do have some ideas on how to channel your inner Doctor Strange, the latest of Marvel’s superhero characters to hit the big screen.

Finding the Source

Finding the source of your power isn’t as easy as it sounds. The director of “Doctor Strange,” Scott Derrickson, wasn’t even sure of the source of his protagonist’s power and brought on Adam Frank, an astrophysicist at the University of Rochester in New York, to help him find it. Frank determined that Doctor Strange’s powers do not come from that philosophical notion “you are what you think,” but rather that undefined place where subjectivity meets the consciousness of the universe. Honing in on your sense of self and unique skill set, and allowing others on your team to do what they do best as well is a good place to discover your power and ultimately the power of your meeting or event.

Developing an Energy Field

Doctor Strange’s midnight strolls through the multiverse are largely possibly due to his manipulation of energy fields. In reality, the energy field is a concept that has roots in just about every “ology” and “ality” there is, whether psychology, spirituality, astrology, etc. Regardless of where you fall on the “ology” or “ality” scale, your events will benefit from the inner harmony you possess and your ability to ward off negative energy.

Remaining Selfless

The biggest lesson Doctor Strange learns is: “Not everything is about you.” The meeting planner knows this well, as attendee needs and preferences trump personal wants and needs. Conducting surveys and listening to attendee feedback helps planners predict those wants and needs well before the event. That means attendees should expect a speaker or performer that works for the group as a whole, not just the team planning the event.

Manipulating the Forces that Be

Like Doctor Strange, meeting planners need to learn how to be strong negotiators, especially as budgets get smaller and lead times, shorter. A meeting planner who has this skill can cut major savings from key event elements such as F&B costs, Wi-Fi fees and audiovisual pricing. Doctor Strange also manipulates gravity, but we will leave that lesson for another day.

Diffusing a Situation

If a major issue occurs sometimes flexibility and backup plans won’t cut it. Meeting planners require the strength to diffuse the situation, like when the Ancient One leaves Doctor Strange on Mount Everest with only a matter of minutes to muster up the strength to use his powers to get back before freezing to death. The best meeting planners can similarly remain calm enough to set the precedent for his or her attendees in the event of an alarming situation

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