Meeting Business Survival in 5 Human Evolution Milestones

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Human evolution

The meetings industry is finally moving into a buyers market this year in North America.

And that means fierce competition is on the horizon. Just like humans have evolved to take on new character traits, the most successful meeting planners have adapted in times of uncertainty. Here are five human evolution milestones that can be adapted to keep your meeting business afloat now and in the future.

Back to the Basics

When our early ancestors first experienced bipedalism and began to walk on two legs as a means to travel and find new kinds of food, this changed everything for the evolution of man. By focusing on the basics and offering stripped-down meeting packages that help clients save, it allows the meeting industry as a whole to stay relevant.

The Tool of Compromise

Making tools was one of humankind’s first cultural adaptations that allowed humans to hunt for food and, in turn, get better nourishment. One key tool that meeting planners have used in recent years is compromise. By being flexible with destinations and dates, planners can offer groups top-notch events at half the price.

Don’t Blush at the Concept of Leisure

The trait of blushing when one is embarrassed or uncomfortable signaled a sign of remorse that created a form of sympathy in human culture. When meeting planners begin to sympathize with their attendees and bring in attractive leisure-type offerings into an event, the more willing delegates will be to attend.

Bigger Brains Enhance Creativity

As humans gathered into larger social groups and found better nourishment, their brains developed more complex communication and problem-solving skills. In this do-more-with-less era, meeting planners have become more creative by mixing traditionally separate parts of an event together to help save money. Something as simple as offering a water bottle as a takeaway can provide a win-win-win for the client. Not only do the bottles cut costs of bottled water at an event, but they also incorporate a sustainable initiative and take care of any branded gifting the client was hoping to achieve.

Communication Allows for Negotiations

Last but not least, communication through writing expanded the human use of language, allowing cultures to broaden and even form a basic understanding of one another. Using communication and following up on the news in a time when hotels are merging almost monthly can be a helpful negotiating tool in the future, especially if you’re planning events years out at venues that could undergo significant rebranding.

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