Multitasking Made Easy With Lessons From 3 Celebrity Go-Getters

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Ashton Kutcher; Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for TechCrunch

The meeting planner role unfortunately requires juggling multiple tasks at once, even though research shows doing just that can actually damage the brain.

In pop culture, celebrities, too, have joined the multitasking bandwagon. No one is just an actress anymore. They’re an actress in a band with a fashion line and a weekly podcast you can stream from the new app they’re backing. It’s no wonder why everyone is expected to do five things at once yesterday. Here are three lessons in multitasking meeting planners can learn from celebrities that seem to have the juggling act figured out.

Ashton Kutcher Backs Apps

In addition to acting, modeling and producing, Ashton finds time to invest in digital start-ups Dwolla, an online payment system, and Gidsy, a digital place for tourists to book tours while traveling. Apps like these make multitasking easier. Meeting planners should make sure that they have all the app equivalents of the programs they use most on their computers, so they can do their job from the airport or subway ride to their next event.

Gwyneth Paltrow Uses Multiple Screens

These days, Gwyneth is less known for her acting and more for her cookbooks, “Goop” lifestyle online publication and a travel app called G. Spotting. Now that she’s behind the screen more, it’s helpful to use dual monitors to be able to do a couple tasks at once. Meeting planners can use this technique to answer emails while, say, checking in on a webinar.

Justin Timberlake Goes Hands Free

Boy-band-member-turned-pop-icon Justin Timberlake is also known for his acting, clothing line and even ownign a tequila company. One major help in running a business efficiently is by going hands free. This allows you to take phone calls when you’re driving, walking or even doing the dishes. Plus, it helps meeting planners avoid neck pain.

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