Should You Farm Out Your Event App?

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Prevue turned to Jeannie Power of Power Event Group to develop the event app for its Experiential Meeting Design Summit in Los Angeles November 17 to 20

Does your list seem to grow faster than you can cross things off? Your time is valuable and some tasks—like your event app—might need delegating or contracting out to someone else.

Jeannie Power of Power Event Group, who is developing the event app for Prevue’s Experiential Meeting Design Summit in Los Angeles November 17 to 20, shares insights on when it makes sense to farm out your event app:

When deciding if you should delegate or contract out any task or service, she says, consider these factors: How much is your time actually worth? Can someone else do it better and quicker for a marginal price difference? Do you have the time and energy to complete it in the absolute best way possible? Can someone else do it better? How important is the task in question? What else is on your plate that needs your time that you may be more skilled at? Do you have the time and budget to invest in learning something new and to implement it without mistakes? How much time will that specific task actually take in reality?

Just a few years ago, an app was something that was simply a fun add-on to your event if you had the time. Today, it’s a necessary facet of every event. Attendees base their overall event experience on the logistical smoothness and effectiveness they encounter, and the app plays an integral part in this. 

To integrate your technology smoothly and seamlessly, and have it feel like a connected part of your event, there is much behind-the-scenes work that needs to be considered: technology implementation, initial build out, pre-event and on-site marketing plan, content updates, testing, pre-event and on-site attendee engagement, content moderating, attendee interaction and engagement, on-site attendee assistance and support.

Do you have the time and staff to do do all of the above fully and successfully? If not, it may be time to contract that task. 

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