4 New Cultural Venues for Groups Meeting in Berlin

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Humboldt Forum, Berlin, Germany, Europe, culture, arts
Humboldt Forum; Photo Credit: SHF/Architect: Franco Stella with FS HUF PG

Recent developments in Germany’s capital city of Berlin continue to attract meetings, and soon there will be even more reasons to gather here.

These four venues are all scheduled to debut in the next year, offering attendees a glimpse into Berlin’s booming cultural arts scene.


Deutsche Bank is set to open the PalaisPopulaire on Sept. 27, as a vibrant space for art, culture and sports. Located in the historic Prinzessinnenpalais, the PalaisPopulaire will encourage attendees to explore presentations from the Deutsche Bank Collection, changing art exhibitions, and even concerts, readings and events focusing on sports topics. For instance, the opening exhibition will be “The World On Paper” featuring about 300 highlights and new discoveries from the Deutsche Bank Collection, one of the most significant collections of contemporary art on paper and photography.

The Panorama

The Pergamon Museum, one of Berlin’s most popular museum exhibits featuring artifacts such as the Pergamon Altar from ancient Greece, is currently closed for restoration, with plans for completion by 2025 or 2026. But in its place, the 360-degree Panorama by artist Yadegar Asisi will offer groups a glimpse into the ancient city of Pergamon. Starting this year, the exhibit will be situated in a specially designed temporary exhibition space of more than 10,000 sf. It will feature an immersive visual effect that can be experienced in conjunction with 80 classical sculptures and nine multimedia visualizations of the Pergamon Altar.

Humboldt Forum

Scheduled to open next year, the Humboldt Forum is being constructed inside the Berlin Palace. The museum will be dedicated to diversity and all the world’s cultures. It will be part of a larger reconstruction of the Berlin Palace as a full-size replica of the former 16th century Hohenzollern palace situated at the same site. In addition to the forum, the new building will feature three historical facades and an inner courtyard.

James-Simon-Galerie on Museum Island

The James-Simon-Galerie will round out the experience on Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, when it opens next summer. It will serve as a central hub and an entrance into the five-museum Museum Island complex as well as provide groups with direct access to the Ancient Architectures Tour, the Archaeological Promenade and visitor information. The design of the new building draws on the historical theme of Stüler’s colonnades. And the building’s namesake, James Simon, is one of the most important patrons in the history of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin).

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