8 Experiential Room Concepts

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National Conference Center, Virginia, East Coast, teambuilding, team building, experiential learning
National Conference Center

The Leesburg, Va.-based National Conference Center, one of the largest training and meeting conference centers on the East Coast at 265,000 sf, recently debuted eight experiential learning concepts for attendees to get a little creative.

Experiential learning and team building is certainly not new to The National, known for its 14-element Challenge Course, but these eight engaging rooms each have an individual theme with exercises that encourage team building, communication and problem-solving among attendees. Here are the eight room concepts for meeting planners to take note of and even incorporate into future events.

The Color Room

Attendees can embrace their inner artist with this room that’s decked out with paper-covered tables, crayons, markers and even colorful balloons dotting the ceiling.  

The Nerf Room

A little competition is healthy, and even vital, among corporate groups. Here, attendees can break down barriers through the use of childhood toys: the nerf gun or nerf basketball.

The Bean Bags and Bubbles Room

The only thing missing here is a lava lamp. This room creates an overall relaxed meeting environment, featuring bubbles floating in the air, bubble-wrapped floor and bean bag chairs. There’s even a shoe cubby to ensure you’ll stay awhile.  

The Get Fit Room

Sitting still at meetings can be a challenge. This room allows attendees to create a more lively atmosphere with upbeat workout music, exercise balls, pedal stands, arm weights and more.

The Green Room

Bringing a meeting outside sure does add a different element to the meetings mix. But if it’s wintertime, you can recreate the nature experience inside with artificial grass, trees and flowers and even scents from the outdoors.

Water Wars Wahoo

This one encourages more of a summer theme, bringing out the kid in every attendee to test out their skills with water toys, kiddie pools, games and balloons.

The Challenge

Puzzles, games and other challenges create excellent communication skills among attendees. Better yet, take the group outside to try out the 14-element Challenge Course, designed for outdoor team building of all levels.

The Meditation-Zen Room

Another soothing space, the Meditation-Zen Room features low lighting, soft music, water fountains, pillows and other relaxing items to create a zen atmosphere for the mind and body—especially helpful after a long day of meetings.

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