5 In-Depth Explorations for Groups Aboard Silversea Cruises

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Silver Cloud

Silversea Cruises offers expedition cruising options that take groups to remote parts of the world.

“The interest in expedition cruising has definitely been on the rise, among both affluent baby boomers and seasoned travelers wanting to further enrich their already wide knowledge of more traditional and established destinations,” says Roberto Martinoli, CEO of Silversea Cruises. “More and more travelers today want products that provide them with bragging rights and allow them to cross off ‘bucket list’ destinations. Expedition cruises fit the bill perfectly.”

Ideal for incentive groups, these five specialty expeditions provide attendees with a unique focus that’s sure to make the experience memorable.

Birding Expeditions

This voyage aboard Silver Discoverer, Silver Explorer or Silver Galapagos takes attendees to off-the-beaten-path destinations where they will see a large variety of bird species. Groups can visit the Sub-Antarctic islands of New Zealand, home to 126 species of birds, or look for bald eagles in Alaska.

Photography Expeditions

Along with a professional onboard photographer, attendees can enjoy lectures, workshops and get informal tips to help them with their photography skills. Photo walks and Zodiac tours will help groups experience fascinating cultures up close.

Scuba-Diving Expeditions

Aboard the Silver Discoverer, attendees will be able to scuba dive with dive masters at top diving sites in the Asia Pacific and South Pacific, including the Solomon Islands, the Palau archipelago and the Marquesas islands.

Wellness Expeditions

Groups in search of some R&R will want to participate in a Wellness Expedition, which includes an onboard program of yoga and stretching classes, spa treatments and healthy daily menus. Silver Discoverer will take attendees to Southeast Asia and the South Pacific to witness various cultures that encourage a holistic lifestyle.

Culinary Expeditions

Expeditions that emphasize a local area’s cuisine will take attendees to Europe and South America. Visiting France, groups will experience cannelés and wines in Bordeaux and fresh oysters in Saint Malo—just a glimpse of the experiences groups can expect on this gastronomical voyage.

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