Yoga, Blue Man Group & Ice Connect Monte Carlo Groups

Double Barrel Roadhouse
Double Barrel Roadhouse

With the debut of BLVD Plaza in May, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas has a slew of new alfresco meetings offerings for groups in addition to some already-popular, creative teambuilding options.

In September, the hotel launched Yoga in the Plaza, a complimentary yoga program that takes place every Saturday morning on BLVD Plaza overlooking the Strip. While the program is available for all guests, the hotel can also create classes just for groups. The hotel can customize the length of the session and hire the appropriate instructor based on the type of yoga requested by the group.

“Incorporating mind and body activities into a day’s itinerary can help to stimulate creativity and promote productivity and alertness,” says Mike Pistana, vice president of Sales for Monte Carlo. “With Yoga on the Plaza, attendees get an added benefit of being outdoors.”

In addition to its usefulness as a yoga studio, BLVD Plaza makes an ideal outdoor event space with casual bars and eateries. Attendees can feast on Japanese street food at Yusho, or they can check out Sambalette’s coffee lab, where attendees can watch the roasting process in action. The patios at both can accommodate up to 250 people.

Double Barrel Roadhouse, also located in the plaza, features a 12,000-sf indoor-outdoor space perfect for events. The roadhouse is built for live music and entertainment, and it features a Southern-inspired menu and high-end beverage programming. For instance, it serves up handcrafted, homemade wine coolers made on site that are presented in Mason jars.

Groups that want an inspiring Vegas show should check out the Blue Man Group production at the hotel. The interactive experience combines comedy, music and art in a way that can be inspiring for attendees. The hotel can work with meeting planners to incorporate logo integration and audience participation for groups of all sizes. Plus, VIP meet and greets, custom merchandise and dinner show packages are available. The hotel can even arrange for exclusive performances to accommodate larger groups and their schedules.

Turning down the heat a bit, Minus5 Ice Bar makes for a cool—in every meaning of the word—event space. Groups can gather in the largest ice bar in North America with more than 90 tons of ice. Set at a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, the bar creates an idyllic winter wonderland, with signature cocktails served in ice glasses, ice couches to sit on and handcrafted ice sculptures decorating the space. Two semi-private rooms are available for events, and jackets, gloves and boots are provided.