Monaco Takes a Mobile Leap with Full 5G Coverage

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Monaco is the first country in Europe to roll out 5G coverage.

The Principality of Monaco has become the first country in Europe to roll out full 5G coverage, the next mobile leap in technology. The deployment of 5G is the first pillar of the Prince’s Government’s “Extended Monaco” program, aimed at making it a Smart Principality.

“The 5G coverage of the Principality of Monaco will be an additional asset to the attractiveness of the destination in the MICE sector,” says Geneviève Berti, government press secretary. “Event planners will benefit from a major technological added value when it comes to presenting or launching new connected products such as autonomous vehicles, with demonstrations made easier on-site.”

Not only does 5G equate to dramatically faster connections, but it will usher in new technologies. “The ways of presenting during conferences can also be upgraded thanks to the more automatic use of virtual reality or image recording by drones. Finally, in a more specialized field, some telemedicine operations, broadcast in a medical convention, will be optimized in their execution thanks to the almost immediate response times that the 5G allows,” adds Berti.

Alongside the launch of 5G, Monaco Telecom is continuing to deploy a fiber network. “5G is not just an improvement on the performance of 4G; it’s a whole paradigm change. Where previous generations focused on telecoms and exchanges between individuals, 5G is the integration of digital technology into every pillar of our society and economy. Energy, healthcare, media, and transport will all be transformed by 5G. That offers the Principality, its residents, its public policies and its economy vast possibilities for the well-being of all,” said Frédéric Genta, chief digital officer in a statement.

Taking its Smart Principality concept another step further, an autonomous electric shuttle is now in operation in Monaco Ville. “The aim of this experiment is, eventually, to reduce the use of personal cars, develop public transport, and promote soft forms of mobility. We are entering into a period of learning about this transport of the future,” said Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, a member of the Council of Government of Monaco, as she introduced the new initiative. In October, this shuttle will be operating between the Grimaldi Forum and area hotels. Click here for more information on Monaco or here.

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