Do’s & Don’ts of Hiring An Independent Contractor

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independent contractor

The way we do business is changing right along with how we operate in our personal lives. Whether we order a Lyft versus driving, dial up Door Dash for dinner, or list a project for design assistance on Up Work, the role of the independent contractor is growing and evolving.

In these uncertain times in the meetings industry, many companies and associations are hesitant to rehire full-time employees. Enter the independent contractor. If you are considering one, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to consider:


…use an auction house if you need more critical thinking and actual event experience. There is limited visibility into the level of experience the Independent Contractors offer in auctions. They may win the bid by charging less, but unfortunately they may not meet your support needs.

…wait too long to secure your independent contractor. They are in high demand and their schedules can book up quickly.

…think you must hire an independent contractor in a full-service capacity. IC’s can work on your task specific needs (for example, if you only need assistance with ground transportation or managing housing registration).


…hire through a creditable agency. The agency manages all the back-end details for you (contracts, pricing, training, invoicing) and will be there to support any unforeseen issues.

…vet your independent contractors carefully. Clearly communicate your service/support requirements. Ask for a resume/referral, especially if you are not going with an agency.

…utilize a contract agreement, including an NDA. This ensures both parties understand and agree to all the T&C and understand the service expectations. Additionally, understand your state labor laws, as each state varies. Utilize an agency and they will manage these details for you.

Merry Burns is co-founder and managing partner at independent contractor firm Alleanza LLC.

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