5 Tips for Live Streaming

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Working with an experienced audiovisual (AV) provider makes it easy to execute flawless live streaming.

Rental and Staging Network (RSN) member Donald Guzauckas Jr., vice president and general manager of HB Live, Inc., outlines 5 live streaming best practices:

Deliver High-quality Video, Audio

An experienced AV provider will use high-grade video equipment to create a live stream that resembles a television viewing experience. It can be accomplished by framing a shot, changing the screen according to the content, using interesting angles and dynamically shifting between video and content.

Don’t Skimp on Staffing

It is always better to be adequately staffed rather than understaffed. Ask your AV production company how many crew members they will have both on-site and behind the scenes to manage the streaming aspects—from handling the cameras to managing the audio and monitoring the streaming quality.

Discuss Your AV Provider’s Failover Plan

Even with a simple setup, there is still a chance equipment can fail. The ideal backup plan is one in which two different computers are connected to two separate networks, which go out to two content hosts that can “failover” between those two streams.

Be Clear about Troubleshooting Responsibilities

Troubleshooting responsibility depends on the nature of the audience and the type of service provided. For a public audience, the AV production company should provide technical support. For the corporate audience with an in-house information technology team in place, the company’s internal team should be the first line of support.

Know Your Purpose for Live Streaming

Do you plan to repurpose the video on your website, in a teaser reel or on social media? Let your AV team know. They will capture and edit the video differently, depending on how it will be used.

Mark Miller is president of the Rental and Staging Network (RSN) and president and CEO of Markey’s Rental & Staging, a national rental and staging company, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. With more than 35 years of experience in the event technology business, he leads RSN, a top-tier network of live event production companies throughout North America. The network allows event planners and producers to access the very best in live event production throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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