Zoom Events Platform Preview

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Zoom Events, a new platform designed specifically for virtual events, will be released this summer. Will the new virtual events platform dominate the already crowded virtual event market the way Zoom took over the video conferencing arena during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Zoom Events platform will join its paid virtual event marketplace product, OnZoom, launched last fall to compete with companies such as Eventbrite to help small businesses that have a paid subscription to develop and promote their online products using Zoom Meetings and Zoom webinars. Zoom Events is after bigger fish — including online multi-day, multi-session conferences and conventions.

Zoom Events Features

One of the key features of Zoom Events will be a hub planners can use to list all of their events, with corresponding information about each, as well as manage all aspects of their events program. This is designed to help those who plan internal as well as external events, since a company will be able to group its internal events to make it easier for employees to find them.

The Zoom Events platform also will enable planners to create a branded virtual lobby where attendees at multi-session events such as conferences can network. Users also will be able to manage user access using one dashboard. Other planned features include a non-video text chat function, registration and ticketing, and event analytics. OnZoom will become the searchable event directory piece of the new platform when it launches.

According to Zoom, the new platform “combines the reliability and scalability of Zoom Meetings, Chat, and Video Webinars in one comprehensive solution for event organizers, with the ability to produce ticketed, live events for internal or external audiences of any size.”

While more details are not yet available, interested parties can sign up on Zoom’s website to be notified when Zoom Events launches this summer.

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