The Women of Prevue: What Fuels Their Souls?

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Editor Lydia Gregory takes in the view in Sedona, Ariz.

For International Women’s Day, Prevue’s editors share how they nurture their physical and mental wellness—and what feeds their souls.

For International Women’s Day, we asked Prevue’s editors—Regina Baraban, Lydia Gregory, Laurel Herman, Sue Pelletier, Barbara Scofidio and Paloma Villaverde de Rico—what mental and physical wellness and maintaining balance mean to them. Just like these 6 dynamic women, each story is quite different than the other.

Regina Baraban, Senior Contributing Editor

Regina (right) and her friend and traveling companion Riva during a recent trip to Norway

It’s not easy to find a good travel buddy. My husband and singular travel companion lost his battle with cancer 14 years ago. Since then, my women pals have become my best travel buddies. 

My first trip shortly after Joe died was to northern California with my dear friend Joan. After seeing me in baggy shorts, an oversized tee shirt and ancient white socks, Joan insisted on taking me shopping. To this day, I wear the cashmere scarfs and high-quality leggings from that long-ago retail therapy.  

One of the joys of travel is that it effortlessly opens up space for intimacy and communication. My women friends communicate openly, without the pressure of expectations that may come from romantic travel companions. We learn a lot about each other. Riva was engaged to an English Earl, Donna lived in Guatemala to learn Spanish, Sarita was a finalist for the TV show Survivor. I’m grateful to travel with these remarkable women. Our experiences make memories that keep us close and give me the solace of connection.  

Lydia Gregory, Managing Editor, Recommend & Contributing Editor, Prevue

Lydia in her favorite place—the outdoors

So, you might ask, how have I survived more than 30 years in this business?

For one, I believe that attitude is everything and wellness is a reflection of your state of mind. I begin each day, at home and when I travel, with gratitude—a few moments of reflection and appreciation for the many gifts this life has given me. The most precious are my two children and the close friends who have become my family. My father used to say you were lucky if could count your good friends on one hand, I would need many hands.

I try to include a day of rest before or after after each meeting, and to actually stop, breathe and enjoy these wonderful places I get to visit. I end up in Florida often, and get to see my adult daughter who lives there—the biggest bonus of all. And I have started a family tradition where we all travel to a warm climate for Christmas. We basically do nothing but sleep, swim, cook and play Catan.

So simple, it seems, but that’s what replenishes my soul.

Paloma Villaverde de Rico, Executive Editor & Editor-in-Chief, Recommend

Those two lovelies? Paloma’s daughters, Roxy and Francesca, shown here during a trip to San Francisco: “They inspire me every day and help me stay grounded.’

Sleep. I’m not sure how I do it—I’ve got insanely busy days—but I always try and get my eight hours of beauty rest. I call it “sanity” rest—there’s nothing like replenishing oneself after a busy day. And boy, can I sleep. Even during the worst of times, I can sleep.

What else keeps me sane and well-balanced in this increasingly frantic world? Now that we work from home, I take the time to do an early-morning wellness class—Pilates, kickboxing, boot camp, you name it. That time is mine solely, and just like sleep, that release of endorphins helps me conquer the day. It also helps me smile more and approach each day with a gentler attitude.

Then there’s traveling (which I get to do plenty of, thankfully). There’s nothing quite like sitting on an airplane knowing that when you land, you’ll be in a different destination about to embark on new experiences. Travel inspires us to look beyond our immediate surroundings; it inspires us to think differently. It’s a “journey” to a better us.

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