3 Technical Tools to Put in Your Meeting Design Toolbox

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Meeting-Design-InstituteThe Meeting Design Institute first published its Meeting Design Toolbox in December 2012 and has continued to update and expand it as it entered into its fourth year.

It features everything from conceptual and human tools to art and technical tools that help shape the design of meetings. Here are three of Prevue’s favorite technical tools included in this year’s toolbox:


Barco NV’s ClickShare makes it easy for event planners to get a presentation onto a large meeting room screen by simply connecting a USB device to a laptop PC or MAC and then clicking a button. ClickShare handles the entire technology overhead, no matter what kind of audiovisual equipment is available in the meeting room.


Speakers can literally throw microphones at the audience with ease by using Catchbox. The microphone is designed to enhance audience engagement because it can be tossed from participant to participant, creating more interactions. The technology is designed so that the audio even turns off when the device is thrown, caught or dropped to avoid disruption.


This speaker timing system keeps meetings on schedule, relieving meeting planners of the responsibility to make time for other tasks at hand such as organizing the post-speaker Q&A session. The electronic timekeeper controls remote signal light, featuring a countdown display with green, yellow and red lights. It’s most effective when placed so that both the speaker and audience can see so everyone can help uphold the schedule.

For more meeting tools, check out the full version of the Meeting Design Institute’s Meeting Design Toolbox by clicking here.

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