How Mentoring Events Can Shape the Future of Meetings

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Mentoring Events

In today’s fast-paced society, the idea of having a mentor has quickly become almost obsolete.

Meeting planners hardly have time to plan their next event let alone find the time to coddle the next generation of professionals. However, the mentor-mentee relationship could be more helpful than you think, which is why hosting mentoring events could be beneficial to the industry.

Network Under the Stars, a UK-based charitable industry event that celebrates women in events, recently held an event that included 15-minute sessions for mentees to meet one-on-one with a mentor of their choosing. During this time, mentees received career advice and detailed insights into the world of event planning.

Jackie Brown, director of client solutions for Freeman EMEA, spoke about the event and how forming a mentor-mentee partnership can be beneficial to both parties in her blog post, “Why Our Industry Needs Networking and Mentoring Events.” Read the article here.

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