New Meeting Formats Emerge for 2016

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The FRESH conference has been described as the “Burning Man for meeting designers.”

Organized by the Meeting Design Institute, the event tests out new meeting formats and event technologies and invites attendees to co-create experiences.

Here’s a look at some new approaches tested out at FRESH 2015, which drew about 200 attendees to Barcelona this past June:

  1. Moderated networking session: People were prompted to meet others in three-minute rounds. The moderator let participants know when to switch groups. Importantly, the session was held on the first day so people had a chance to meet others and start building new relationships as the event progressed.
  1. Musical team building activities: these sessions, led by a professional music coach, encouraged cooperation and better communication within groups.
  1. An opening networking dinner that spontaneously evolved into painting session: Delegates painted each others’ portraits on the main stage wall, enjoying a creative, collaborative activity that also functioned as a terrific ice-breaker.

See what else new meeting formats emerged by checking out “9 FRESH Ideas for Transforming Your Events.”

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