Why Millennials Want to Become Their Own Bosses

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Millennials Jam Workshop; Photo Credit: ITU/Rowan Farrell

Now the largest generation, millennials are reshaping the workforce as we know it.

Not only are they taking on more leadership roles, but several report having dreams of becoming their own bosses. A study of 1,011 adults from America’s Small Business Development Centers showed that half of millennials plan to start a business in the next three years. However, an article in Forbes said that 72 percent of millennials would like to be their own boss, while 79 percent reported wanting a boss that serves more as a coach or mentor. This stems from the fact that several millennials emphasize the importance of feeling value in the workplace and also wanting to have work-life balance, with 74 percent wanting more flexible work schedules, according to Forbes.

In the meetings industry, becoming your own boss could include starting an event-planning company or a company that specializes in a specific sector of the event market. Take Liz King, CEO of Liz King Events, for example, a millennial who started her company about seven years ago as a go-to source for event technology information. As millennials continue to grow in the workplace, with 40 percent predicted to make up the workplace population by 2020, businesses like this could soon become the new norm.

Whether you’re a millennial interested in becoming your own boss or simply a meeting planner looking to understand this millennial phenomena, check out this “Best of Both Worlds” episode from the new “Millennial” podcast.

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