In-person Events Tracker Signals Robust Return

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Meetings Accomplished platform tracks data on in-person events

Meeting Expectations predicts a strong third-quarter for the meetings industry based on data from its in-person events tracker Meetings Accomplished.

As vaccination numbers continue to grow, large hybrid conferences and in-person events are on the increase, and the data indicates that this trend will likely continue through 2021.

“We are truly energized by the momentum we’re seeing in the industry for the return to in-person meetings in 2021,” says Lisa Neylon, CIS, senior director of global sales for Meeting Expectations. “We have several large hybrid conferences happening over the summer to provide their attendees with greater choice, and have also booked in-person meetings as early as May. With so many cities and regions opening up for large-scale events, we have clients across industries returning to face to face for their events. From fintech to food; franchise to trade associations, the pent up demand to bring people together again is driving what we expect to be an exceptionally strong third quarter.”

Meetings Accomplished is a a web-based solution that captures key event details and compiles the latest data on completed face-to-face meetings held by corporations, associations and organizations. The goal of the platform is to create a central resource on the types and sizes of meetings that have taken place and to provide proof that meetings can happen safely and successfully.

Organizations that have successfully completed an in-person event during the pandemic are invited to enter their information into the platform, including industry type, organization type (association, corporate or other), number of attendees, location and the date that the event took place. Those viewing the data can create reports that are filtered by the information that is relevant to the needs of their organization.

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