Inspire Meeting Guests Through Interactive Gifting Events

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RymaxWhen executed effectively, annual meetings are a vital tool in boosting confidence, excitement, morale, camaraderie and company loyalty within an organization. With the intention to bring colleagues together to celebrate success, work on teambuilding, receive recognition and have face-to-face time with management, or to assess and communicate a vision or goals, it can be easy for these large-scale meetings to miss the mark and fall flat with attendees.

If you’re noticing that your attendees seem disinterested and unenthused, or are leaving their welcome gifts behind, it could be a sign that you need to breathe new life into your meeting or event; and what better way to do so than by motivating your attendees through interactive gifting events.

To gift meeting attendees successfully it takes thoughtfulness, expertise, creativity and strategy, otherwise a generous gesture of gratitude and recognition can quickly turn into a tired, uninspiring leave-behind. The biggest thing to remember when executing an effective gifting program at your next meeting is that your audience is diverse; each attendee comes with their own interests that fit their individual lifestyle.

Understanding generational differences, demographics, professional working preferences and lifestyles will help to provide the right blend of products to spark those interests. Once you’ve established the type of products your attendees crave, you need to be sure you’re offering them trending brands that they recognize such as Swarovski, Nest, Thule, Google, MCM, Kiehl’s and Viking. All of this can be attained by working with a partner that can deliver you the right balance of merchandise. ,

Another best practice for meeting organizers who are seeking new ways to make an impact on their audience is to consider interactive gifting experiences over the traditional pillow gift or room drop. Rymax offers memorable on-site events called R-SITE (Rymax’s Strategic Interactive Themed Events) that revolutionizes onsite gifting programs to properly convey appreciation, fuel loyalty and encourage retention.

As the leading loyalty marketing and rewards provider, Rymax maintains an unmatched portfolio of over 15,000 products from 450 of today’s top brands. With rewards that motivate and brands that inspire, Rymax has the unique ability to offer exactly the right assortment to engage any audience. By creating personalized product bundles that are unique to a client’s program, we deliver fun and engaging exclusive shopping experiences that take place in settings ranging from beachfronts to ballrooms.

From dedicated product experts, to a quick and easy proprietary check out system, Rymax offers comprehensive gifting programs that are fully customized to accommodate the specific needs of the client. Rymax is a one-stop-shop that strategically creates and seamlessly executes unforgettable gifting experiences from beginning to end and can help successfully engage your attendees at your next meeting.

To connect with a Rymax product specialist or learn more on how to reenergize your annual meeting through on-site reward events, visit or call 1-866-RYMAX-11.

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