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AIThe new Enhancing Events with AI program coming in August from the PCMA Event Leadership Institute is the organization’s most requested course ever.

The Professional Event Leadership Institute is launching a new certificate course designed to empower meeting and event professionals to save time, money and aggravation using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Called Enhancing Events with AI, the five-week course will be taught by Nick Borelli, Director of Marketing for Zenus. It launches August 16.

Nick Borelli, Director of Marketing for Zenus
Nick Borelli, Director of Marketing for Zenus

While AI is everywhere, as the course’s marketing materials say, why should meeting and event planners in particular learn about this new, potentially disruptive technology? As Borelli says, “AI is poised to empower planners with more recourses and insights while saving them time and money. It’s the silver bullet to overcoming the biggest pain points keeping planners from reaching their full potential.”

He adds that, while the technology won’t replace event organizers, “It will replace event organizers who don’t adopt AI.”

The certificate course is designed to help meeting and event professionals understand what AI technologies are available for use in their work before they take the dive themselves for their events. It will cover what the technology is and how it works, as well as what main platforms are and how they are being used now to market, plan and execute events, as well as real-life use cases in event data analysis. The course also will cover how planners can use AI to engage audiences, automate event logistics, and use predictive analytics to optimize event planning. Participants also will learn how to leverage AI-driven data analytics to measure an event’s success.

Other intriguing learning outcomes include gaining an understanding of the ethical considerations — and potential challenges — that could arise from integrating AI into event planning and execution. Learners also will have the opportunity to apply the AI-driven strategies and techniques they learn to overall event strategies.

While there are no required prerequisites, the Institute recommends that those interested first gain a solid understanding of planning in-person and virtual event fundamentals by completing ELI’s Event & Meeting Management Fundamentals and/or Virtual Event & Meeting Management.

The cost for the certificate course is $556 for PCMA, CEMA and ELI members and $695 for non-members. Learn more at the Event Leadership Institute website.

Borelli also will be leading an upcoming session at the CEMA Summit, scheduled to be held August 6–8 at the Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City, called The Power of Generative AI in Event Marketing: From Pre-Event Planning to Post-Event Analysis. See more and register at the CEMA Summit 2023 website.

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