5 Dapper Event Themes for Martini-Minded Attendees

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James Bond; Photo Credit: TNS Sofres

Themed events when taken to the extreme will become embedded into the hearts and minds of attendees whether they like it or not.

As the world’s most famous cocktail, the martini is a symbol of luxury in popular culture that will remind attendees they are not competing the the Joneses, for one night, they are the Joneses. Here are five famous martini references from films that can easily make their way into your next meeting or event.

James Bond

The famous “shaken, not stirred” drink order from James Bond will forever keep the martini cool, especially as the James Bond story continues today with the next 007 actor currently being scouted. This fictional character also makes a natural event theme, with spy-related decor such as mock racecars for photo ops. Even the soundtracks from the movies are already created for you to play into your event.

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway fans know the famous author and his characters to have had their fair share of cocktails. Even his famous hangout—Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy—is known for its dry martini. Hemingway is rumored to have ordered the bar’s first “Montgomery,” a drink made with 15 parts gin to one part dry vermouth (instead of the typical martini ingredients of 10 parts gin to one part dry vermouth). A theme around Hemingway, himself, that focuses on literature could be intriguing for groups, and then if you bring in characters from his books, it allows for additional outside-the-box theming.

Coco Chanel

Fashion designer Coco Chanel liked the martini so much that there was a version of the classic cocktail named after her. The Coco Chanel Martini is made with three parts Ciroc Coconut vodka and one part St-Germain. The famous designer and her cocktail would be an ideal theme for a fashion-related event, especially if you bring in a runway for a product launch.

Sex and the City

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte brought the cosmopolitan back in a big way as the characters were seen sipping the pink cocktail throughout the “Sex and the City” series and even in the movie when Miranda asks, “Why did we ever stop drinking these?” Theming an event around the cocktail is perfect for any company who’s branding involves the color red or pink such as Lyft or Victoria’s Secret, or any company participating in Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

Mad Men

And then, of course, the popular “Mad Men” series made all classic cocktails cool again, reminding today’s audiences of an era when lunch consisted of a martini or two and that no office would be complete without a set of martini glasses. Having a ’50s-era theme screams an element of sophistication that can be brought out, especially in your event’s F&B setup. Bring back cocktail carts for interactive cocktail building and oh-so-cool advertisements from that generation to decorate the space.

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