Q&A: Ocean Center’s ‘Backyard’ Meetings

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The Ocean Center convention center in Daytona Beach, Fl., is asking planners to bring meetings home. The “Bring a Meeting Home” program connects locals, many of which belong to associations or groups that regularly meet around the country, to the Ocean Center for “backyard” meetings that benefit the whole community. We asked Angela Daniels, director of sales, marketing and event services for the Ocean Center Convention Center, what is is going on at the center.

Prevue: Have you noticed any new conference trends emerging for 2016?
Daniels: Trends that have been noticeable to our staff are increased bookings of multiple years.

How are planners integrating wellness into conventions?
Planners continue to incorporate wellness and specific diet requirements into their planning especially with menu options. We regularly provide menus with gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Our chef prepares specific menus for each group whether they have planned food functions or the concession cafes provided for each event.

In what ways can planners utilize your services to create exclusive VIP experiences?
The Ocean Center’s goal is to provide a one-stop service for all planners. We have event and sales staff in place to coordinator any activities on- or off-site that will create a perfect event. There are many options in the Daytona Beach area for off-site events. The area has the Daytona International Speedway, the beach for a more casual outing and many dining options directly on the Atlantic Ocean or the Intercoastal Waterway. Our goal is to assist the planner every step of the way.

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